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Breaking the Man Code
An experiential workshop that deconstructs the masculine stereotype and explores how it is impacting our lives for better or worse. The workshop is an impactful intervention that enables participants to reflect on the impacts of masculine stereotypes and rewrite the the rules as individuals and as a collective group culture.


The man code
What is the version of man we’ve been sold? Experiencing how well versed we are in the rules to follow to become the typical man and how difficult it is to walk your own path.

Rule maker or rule breaker?
Who wrote the rules? Investigation of the origins of the rules that
dictate our, beliefs, behaviours, actions and their consequences.

The state of man
What is the impact of the man code? Exploring the state of man by facing the facts and stats of the Australian male and sharing how those stats have shown up in our social circles.

Step to the line
Where does it lead? Participants get an insight into the often hidden lives of other men and experience the real visceral challenge of owning our truth with our peers.

Breaking the man code
An opportunity to defy the rules of the male stereotype and exercise some emotional muscle.

Rewriting the man code
What new man code would we willingly sign our names to as men of today and tomorrow?