Our mission is to develop and implement a practical program to be utilised within rural and remote communities to combat the stigma around men’s mental health at a grass roots level. The outcome of the program is to build lasting support networks between the men in our communities, as well as medical professionals and key service providers. We also aim to have location specific information available for ease of access for those in need.


The percentage of rural community members dealing with mental health issues is at an all time high. With the focus across the country being directed towards mental health on a much more public platform, we feel it is important to encourage further discussion.

Three outcomes we endeavor to achieve through this project are:

  1. To create a safe space for men in our community to meet and be comfortable
    enough to communicate with each other using the information and tools learnt at the workshops.
  2. To provide valuable information and tools for the men in our communities, to assist
    them with their own mental health and the ability to recognise and assist their mates.
  3. To create the conversation and encourage men in our communities to be pro active
    about their mental health and develop strong support networks between them,
    breaking the ingrained views of what masculinity should look like within each individual and our communities.